Knowing What To Do After Finding Old And Unused 9mm Ammunition

People who own 9mm guns often love going hunting or shooting with their firearm or keeping it around for protection. As a result, they may have a lot of old ammunition around that they may not feel comfortable using. Those in this situation need to get their 9mm assessed and consider working with a bulk ammo professional who can give them the ammunition needed.

What to Do With Old 9mm Ammunition

Old 9mm ammo is likely to stay good for several years, up to 5 to 10 years, depending on the brand and the manufacturer. This longer lifespan is beneficial because gun owners can hold onto their ammo for a long time. However, it can also cause issues, such as expired ammo that gun owners don't remember buying. Those in this situation can follow these four simple steps:

  • Step One: Visit a Dealer: People with excessive 9mm ammo may want to take their ammunition to a gun dealer to get it inspected. These professionals know signs of worn-out or potentially dangerous ammunition and can check it over several days to ensure it is safe.
  • Step Two: Wait for Their Verdict: Gun owners may wait several days or even a week while their gun professional examines their ammo. They may clean their 9mm gun or even use newer ammo to practice with this powerful firearm.
  • Step Three: Keep or Dispose of the Ammo: After the gun professional examines the ammunition and gives their verdict, gun owners can either hire them to dispose safely of this ammo or take it home and use it, depending on whether it is safe to use.
  • Step Four: Consider Ammo Use: People who end up with a lot of old 9mm ammunition may want to consider their overall use of their gun. For example, they might schedule more regular gun shoots with friends or target practice to ensure they don't waste ammo.

After going through this process, 9mm gun owners may research bulk ammo purchase options to help their needs. For example, they may find an ammo company that can deliver around the amount of ammo they typically use in a year and save by purchasing at bulk prices. In this way, they can minimize their ammo costs and avoid wasting this precious resource simultaneously.

Setting Up These Deliveries

Many bulk ammunition companies provide regular delivery options that include yearly, quarterly, or even monthly options. People who are trying to balance their 9mm ammo use can choose how many shells they want during these deliveries to ensure they have minimal excessive ammunition to worry about in their homes.