Cold Weather Be Gone: How To Fly Fish The Delaware River This Fall

Fly fishing is one of the most exciting fishing experiences you can have. And the great thing about hitting the Delaware River is that it's so close to NYC, which means that for people who are working in the New York City area, you don't have to fly out of the state in order to get access to some really good fishing. It's completely the opposite -- you can get access to some of the best rivers and streams in the New York area, and they are all within a short drive from the city. The only thing you need to do is make sure you have the correct accessories, which is why this list is going to come into play. Here's a good starting point if you are looking to get started in fly fishing.

Insulated Waders

If you are planning on walking out into the river and doing some real in the water fishing, then you will need to get some insulated waders. These are perfect for people who plan on fishing from the shore or venturing off-shore, but only a short distance. The insulated waders protect your body from dropping to some unnatural low temperature. You should look into some pants that have easy access and enable you to take them off and on quickly

Waterproof Tackle Bag

The next thing you will want to do is find a tackle box that is well-suited to all weather components. The main thing you should look for is an all-weather tackle box that is preventative to the rain. These tackle boxes are a great pick for anyone who is planning on fly-fishing in the river. The waterproof nature of the bag will allow that you have adequate time to exclaim any unexpected wet weather and see if the tackle is soaked and damaged. 

A Streamlined Jackson Fishing Kayak

The best way to get into the river and go fishing is to get a kayak designed for fishing, such as a Jackson-style kayak. This can be taken by car and driven to the river access point where you can launch your kayak. The fishing style kayak is superior to the standard kayaks that they might offer near the entry point. The benefit to a streamlined fishing kayak such, as the Jackson kayak, is that you don't have to deal with wide-bodied kayaks that will not effortlessly glide through the water.