Collect And Trade Softball Team Pins

Softball team pins are popular collectibles for many teams. They are good for morale and encourage team spirit and team pride. The popularity of softball team pins is growing and many team players own several pins so they can trade them with other local teams or give them away as gifts. To have a softball team pin created, look for a pin manufacturer online or ask your local sporting goods store where you can find a good sports pin manufacturer. Here are some things to consider when you design and have a softball team pin created for your team: 

Softball Team Name and Season

You can create a softball team pin that uses your team name and logo to commemorate when your team was formed or won a tournament or league championship. You can also have a specific softball season year printed on a team pin. These pins are highly valued by team players and coaches. When designing a team pin, choose a design that includes your team name, logo, mascot, city, and season of issue. For a memorable pin design, design a pin that is etched and coated in transparent enamels to add rich color and texture. 

Softball Team Pin Styles

You can design a softball team pin that can be worn on a team jersey, team cap, and other clothing. When designing your softball team pin, have your pin manufacturer include a soldered jump ring on the back of the pin so that team players can hang special pin attachments to the bottom of the pin. In that way, you can keep using your recognizable team pin and update it with new and different attachments. Here are some unique pin styles that you can have your pin manufacturer incorporate into your team pin design:

  • Dangle:  This is a small attachment that fastens to the bottom of a softball team pin and hangs below the pin. It can be created to celebrate a special tournament game or winning season. 
  • Spinner: This is a spinning and patterned wheel that is fastened to a softball team pin with a rivet so that it can rotate and flash when moved by a finger or thumb. 
  • Bobble:  This is a moveable part of a softball team pin that is fastened with a spring so that it can move by itself. 
  • Blinker:  With the addition of a small watch battery, you can have a part of your softball team pin blink and flash when you activate a small button. 

Team Approval

Before having your softball team pin manufactured, have all team players, coaches, owners, and members of management approve the design of the team pin. In this way, all participants can have an equal say in how their softball team is represented. 

Softball team pins are very collectible. When creating a softball team pin for your team, make extra copies for the team members to give as gifts to their children, parents, and friends, and trade with other softball teams. Softball team pins like GH PINS are a colorful and classy way to memorialize your time and accomplishments in a very fun sport.