Pair Your Gift Of A Longboard With These Items To Keep Your Teen Safe

If your teenager's birthday is rapidly approaching and he or she has asked for a longboard, the right research online or in a local shop will help you to find the perfect model of longboard to give. As a caring parent, you may be a little anxious about your teen rolling down the road on this device — and, even if he or she is careful, the reality is that crashes can certainly occur during the learning phase. To ease your mind and protect your teen, it's a good idea to pair your gift of a longboard with some safety gear. Beyond the obvious choice of a helmet, here are some suggestions of things to buy.

Wrist Guards

Wrist guards are a vital piece of safety gear for a teenager learning to ride a longboard. As the rider slips off the board, he or she will attempt to break the fall by putting his or her hands down. If the teen is tumbling hard, the impact may be enough to cause injury to the wrists. This won't be the case when your teen is wearing wrist guards, however. When worn properly, the guards will prevent the teen's wrists from bending at an awkward angle, this preventing injury. And, because the guards cover the lower part of the hands, they'll help keep your teen's palms from getting scraped, too.

Knee Pads

While you might ask your teen to wear long pants while riding the new longboard, they'll only provide so much protection in the event of a slip and fall. With a pair of knee pads firmly in place, your teen's knees will be prevented from abrasions that could result from sliding on the pavement. Additionally, the padding and hard outer shell of the knee pads can be valuable in absorbing the impact of a fall, which can prevent bruises or even broken bones.

Mouth Guard

Don't overlook the value of a mouth guard when you're shopping for safety equipment for your teenage longboard enthusiast. The jolt that can occur during a crash can translate into your teen biting his or her lip or tongue, but this won't be a factor when the teen is wearing a mouth guard. Additionally, a properly fitting mouthguard can limit the risk of a concussion, which could be a possibility during a high-speed wipeout without a mouth guard in place. Remember, your teenager may reasonably crash a few times while learning this skill, but the safety gear that you buy will keep him or her protected, while also providing you with peace of mind.

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