5 Activities And Events That Will Make You Want To Join A Country Club

There are numerous benefits of joining a country club, namely the activities and events that are offered for the entire family. If you have ever wondered what is typical on a country club agenda, there are amenities such as golf, tennis, swimming and fitness. In addition, there are social activities, dance programs, arts and crafts and more. Most country clubs offer membership specials and packages for the entire family. Here are 5 activities and events that may inspire you to join up:

1. Golfing

Most country clubs will offer one or more 18-hole golf courses. Beginners may choose instructional golf lessons that teach the fundamentals of the game. There may also be tournaments and golf camps for teens and all levels of players. Take lessons as an individual or with a team. You may also find your country club offers a pro golf shop. Take advantage of the convenience of buying your equipment on site or reserving a golf locker.

2. Swimming

Look for swimming pool activities and access for the entire family. Swimming lessons for beginners and for all skill levels are typically offered at country clubs. Pool parties are common during the summer and on holidays.

3. Tennis

Just as with golf, tennis lessons may also be available. Tournaments and events make your tennis games challenging and exciting. It's a great way to meet like-minded individuals who share your passion for the game. With access to the tennis courts as you see fit, you can hone your skills whenever you want to.

4. Fitness

If you're looking for further motivation for joining your local country club, consider the fitness club. Most modern country clubs will feature a state of the art fitness center for its members. Convenient hours from early morning hours through evening hours are typical at most clubs. You'll gain access to cardio equipment such as ellipticals, stationary bikes, rowers, stair climbers and more. Lockers and showers are also included at the fitness center inside a country club.

You'll find options like personal trainers that can motivate you to meet your goals, as well as fitness classes with special offerings. Look for yoga and Pilates classes, typical at most country club fitness centers. Classes for family fitness may also be offered.

5. Social Activities and Events

Country clubs typically offer seasonal events such as Easter Egg Hunts for the kids, Christmas parades, Halloween costume parties and more. Attend a festive New Year's Eve party or celebrate St. Patrick's Day at the club. Social activities include bus trips, holiday galas, dance parties and lessons and more.

Classes are typically offered as well. You may find opportunities for computer courses for seniors, defensive driving courses for new drivers, or culinary courses for the aspiring chef.

Dining events are also typical on a country club agenda. Look out for brunches, luncheons, holiday cake drives and more. Catering for wedding receptions and parties may also be offered.  

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