The Right Rod And Reel Can Add A Little Enjoyable “Fighting” To Bass Fishing

Everyone loves a good fight -- at least this is true when casting a line out into a lake hoping to real in a large mouth or small mouth bass. These fish do put up a great fight as they are both predators known for aggression. Having the right rod and reel combo is a must when hoping to battle it out with a bass. Perhaps going a little light with a fishing rod and line would be a nice strategy for those who do not want things to end up being too easy.

Too Easy and Totally Futile

Newbies to bass fishing may opt for a sturdy rod and reel and strong test line. The wise nature of this approach is hard to criticize since the rod combo and accompanying line both need to handle the fish being sought. Things can be a little boring when the fishing rod products are so strong that the bass cannot put up a decent fight. The powerful predator is reduced to a freshwater wimp and ends up being dragged to shore with no fight. Enjoyment is hardly sustained when going about things this way.

Too Light and Too Weak

Going in the opposite direction and purchasing a rod/reel combo that is too light for bass could make the experience just as bad as fishing with one that is too heavy. The with a medium-sized bass, a light rod/reel may not be strong enough to pull the fish in. The hooked fish may swim frantically until tiring out. Reeling in the dead-weighted bass gets the fish to shore in a really dull manner. 

An even worse scenario could occur if using too light of a rod. If a major "lunker" -- huge bass -- hits the line, the rod could end up literally breaking. Consider the investment in the rod gone when this occurs.

Shopping for High-End Rods and Reels

High-end rods and reels can be designed with very light-but-durable materials. These types of rods allow for more "action" with the bass while not compromising the structural integrity of the rod. Those interested in getting a decent fight while not having to be too worried about the rod cracking might want to pay extra for such a nice product. Asking a worker at a fishing supply shop, like Spiderking Rod Holders, for a recommended rod is advisable. The store's  representative could also match the rod with a proper line that is very strong but won't be too strong to undermine the fight.