Three Bicycle Maintenance Tips

A bicycle can be among the most cost-effective and convenient methods of traveling short to medium distances. However, bicycles are often more complicated that many people realize. This can put them at risk of being neglected, which may lead to mechanical malfunctions with the device. 

Thoroughly Clean the Bicycle

Keeping the bicycle clean is easily among the more basic and commonly needed aspects of bike maintenance. Cleaning will help to prevent the gears and other moving components from becoming clogged or jammed. Once these problems arise, the affected parts may be at a higher risk of being damaged as they can become warped or otherwise compromised.

To clean your bicycle, you will want to use a soft cloth and a garden hose that has a powerful nozzle attached to it. After you have performed this work, you should allow the bicycle to fully dry before it is used or put back into storage to decrease the metal's chances of developing rust.

Store the Bicycle Properly

Rust can develop into a major problem for any bicycle. In addition to causing cosmetic issues for the bicycle, rust can inhibit the ability of the metal components to move as they are designed. While rust is a routine threat, it is one that is often assumed to be unavoidable. Yet, you can greatly delay or prevent this problem altogether by exercising proper care of your bicycle. Storing the bicycle in a climate controlled area and sealing its metal are both very efficient ways of stopping rust before it is able to cause serious harm.

Have the Brakes Professionally Tuned at Least Once Every Couple of Years

Without working brakes, your bicycle could be extremely hazardous to operate. Unfortunately, the brakes on a bicycle can be among the most complex parts of it. To effectively slow the bike, a cable will connect to the brake pads, and it will gradually cause the speed of the bike to slow. Each time you use your bike brakes, this cable will experience significant pressures. As time passes, this pressure will cause the brake cables to becoming strained and warped. If these cables are not perfectly balanced and adjusted, you will find that it will be impossible for you to effectively control the brakes.

Luckily, there are bicycle repair professionals that can adjust the brakes so that they will be able to work efficiently after owning and using the bike for a prolonged period. Talk to companies like Sarasota Cyclery Inc for more information.