Going On A Big Game Hunting Trip In Humid Conditions? What To Know

If you are going on a big hunting trip and you are worried about the varying temperatures, there are some things that you want to keep in mind so you don't put your hunt in jeopardy. Throughout the day you could be cold, hot, and end up with a lot of humidity concerns. Since these issues can arise, you'll want to consider these things when packing and preparing for your hunt.

Breathable Water Resistant Clothing

You will have to layer when you are going out in early in the morning and the temperatures are cold, but you don't want to sweat as the day warms up, causing you to have damp and uncomfortable clothes. Be sure that you get clothing that is breathable and water resistant, so you don't get wet from dew and humidity, and so your skin can breathe, even when the clothing is providing warmth. Water resistant boots or shoes are also necessary.

Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner

You want to be sure that you don't end up with a fogged lens on your scope when you head out to hunt in the early morning or as the evening sets in. This could ruin your hunting experience, and it can easily be prevented if you have a lens cleaner like Z Clear. Make sure that you use the cleaner appropriately before each hunt to avoid problems. This may need to be applied more than once, and you want it on all your weapons.

Gun Drying Options

You want to prevent moisture from getting into the components of the gun. You want to have a heating unit for your room if your cabin is cold and damp, and you want to have the necessary tools to dry out all the areas of the gun. This way you don't end up with rusting components or a faulty gun that doesn't work as expected.

There are a lot of problems with moisture when you are trying to hunt, but you can't stop Mother Nature from creating humidity in the air. If you are going on a big game hunting trip and you worry that the dampness is going to prevent you from being comfortable or that you will have problems with your weapons and the hunt, be sure that you take these precautions so you don't have to deal with these problems. You can be prepared so your hunt is worth the investment.